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'Ropesight' is a collection of high quality video tutorials providing the key steps in learning the fundamentals of change ringing. The videos feature demonstrations, animated explanations and unique first person panoramic recordings of bellringing in slow motion from the perspective of the No.2 bell.

The tutorials are available via digital download, and are compatible with mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as all desktop operating systems. Price: £14.50

A PDF supplement is freely available to download, which is packed with useful exercises regarding methods, lead heads and coursing order.

Sample clips

How it works

  1. PURCHASE AN ACCOUNT - The digital download system works by way of purchasing an account through PayPal. When you do so, you will receive a user name and password by e-mail, with which you can log in to the download section of this website. Please allow 24 hours for the login details to be sent to you.
  2. LOG IN - Press the 'Log in' button at the top of the website and enter your user name an password that you have received by e-mail.
  3. DOWNLOAD VIDEOS - Once you have logged in, you will be able to download the videos in .mp4, .mov and .m4v format, in three different qualities: 1080p, 720p and 360p. The videos have also been specially encoded for Android and iOS for maximum compatibility, therefore you should be able to play the videos on any device. There is no limit to the number of downloads per account, nor will your account ever expire.
  4. PDF SUPPLEMENT - There is a free supplement in PDF format to accompany the video tutorials. The correct answers to the exercises can be found here.
  5. ONLINE SUPPORT - If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact me by phone, e-mail or Skype.
  6. PURCHASE AS A GIFT - If you would like to send 'Ropesight' as a gift to someone, click on the green 'Purchase as a gift' button. You will receive a gift voucher within 24 hours by e-mail that you can print or forward to the recipient.

The Panoramic View

Bell numbers are shown at the top of the screen. The one in green is the bell to follow, while the red X shows you bells you can disregard. Purple ones represent those you will be dodging with.

The coursing order, animated method diagram, and the place you are in are shown here.


The panoramic slow motion recordings show bellringing from the perspective of the No.2 bell. The Treble is on the right, while all the other bells are to the left of your rope. The videos also include optional narration.

The circle of work displays what you are about to do next.



Part 1: Bell handling

• How bells work
• Learning the backstroke
• Learning the handstroke
• Handstroke & backstroke together
• Ringing up
• Ringing down


Part 2: Ropesight

• Rounds, striking and leading
• Places and call changes
• Plain hunting - theory
• Ropesight - hunting up
• Ropesight - hunting down
• Ropesight - a full course of Plain Hunting


Part 3: Methods

• Dodging, making places
• Bob Doubles (analysis & ringing)
• Bob Minor (analysis & ringing)
• St Clement's (analysis & ringing)
• Place bells
• Using the Treble as a guide
• Bobs and singles #1
• Bobs and singles #2
• A touch of Bob Doubles
• A touch of Bob Minor


Part 4: Conducting

• Calling positions
• Understanding notation
• Lead heads
• Lead heads at a bob/single
• Ringing the same touch
• Coursing order (C.O.) - introduction
• C.O. in a plain course
• C.O. at a bob/single
• C.O. - how to use it
• C.O. - demonstration
• Conducting Bob Doubles
• Conducting Bob Minor

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