Ropesight on Vimeo

'Ropesight' is a collection of high quality video tutorials providing the key steps in learning the fundamentals of change ringing. The videos focus on the three stages of mastering bellringing: learning bell control and achieving ropesight, becoming proficient in ringing methods, and finally, conducting your first touch.

The videos are now available on Vimeo On Demand, allowing you to watch all the tutorials on your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), laptop, Mac, PC or internet connected TV in high-definition.



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Ropesight DVD

Ropesight DVD

'Ropesight' is also available on DVD. It includes a printed copy of the supplement, which is packed with useful exercises regarding methods, lead heads and coursing order.

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The Craft of Bellringing

'The Craft of Bellringing' is a documentary about change ringing, made in 2006. The film explores the development of the English style hanging of bells, and covers virtually all aspects of the world of ringing, exploring the craft's rich cultural heritage. The film is free to view on Vimeo.


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